Rain, Rain, Go Away … Cherry Blossom Viewing 2012 – Part II

Although the Jefferson Memorial is a spectacular monument, it becomes alive and even more instrumental when the Cherry Blossoms come to life.  The city, along with its visitors, rejoices while the Tidal Basin is beautified and surrounded with various shades of pink and purple.  Though we caught very few pictures this year, due to the early arrival of the blossoms, we still managed to witness nature at its best.

I enjoy seeing the beauty of these flowers/trees from different angles …

The contrasting colors are striking.  These special effects allows the flowers to be emphasized even more … I can’t help but wonder, however, what we were able to capture in 2011 though … To be continued …

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Rain, Rain, Go Away … Cherry Blossom Viewing 2012

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The Washington, D.C. metropolitan area was blessed with a mild winter this year.  Don’t get me wrong though, it got cold at times (can you say brrrr!) … Old man winter, however, is almost gone and we are welcoming the new … Continue reading

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True Love

We had the pleasure of ‘shooting’ (photo shooting that is) Ben and Ehui’s engagement pictures. Their story is a true testament of what love is capable of. Ben and Ehui met when they were teenagers and each vowed to stay together while attending college in two separate states. Wow! And some people say it’s not possible, well let me tell you … these pictures say otherwise. Their happiness and love for each other is contagious and quite romantic. Love these two!

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Our own action hero … or is it ‘monkey man’?

Our nephew’s photo shoot was quite an adventure. He was not the typical ‘poser’ and opted to show his monkey skills throughout the session. We spent a couple of hours at the park and he had plenty of energy, and space, to explore and act out his fantasies. If you are disturbed by the title, don’t be, he kept referring to himself as ‘monkey man’ and we called him our action hero when he started jumping and running wild in the park. Kids are such a joy to be around … see some of the pictures!

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The baby of the house

We have been working extensively on building a ‘mini portfolio’ for our 2-year-old niece (thus the word, mini :)).  It has been so much fun.  I must emphasize, however, how exhausted we were after the first session because … well quite frankly, she’s quite a handful!  Her ability to move like the energizer bunny pumps energy into our bodies and we, as a result, feel younger than most days.  We absolutely LOVE hanging out with kids.  It has become one of our favorite past times . . . Yupi!

She is the youngest of the kids in our family – there’s currently three.  Cute as a button and quite lovable.  She was loved from the moment she was born and that love keeps growing as we continue to watch her grow in wisdom and beauty.

Without further due … we’d like to introduce you to, the baby of the house 🙂

P.S>  We will soon introduce the rest of the kids.

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Babies are a blessing!

We had the pleasure of attending one of our favorite baby’s blessing.  He is by far one of our favorites because he is just full of cuteness.  Sammy is his name and he is fun to be around.

Sammy is a 3 month old who doesn’t fuzz unless he really needs something from his parents.  He is also fascinated with the camera – once Dave starts shooting he follows him everywhere and doesn’t even blink.  He is full of fun and made the shoot nothing but a great joy.

A baby blessing in the Seventh Day Adventist church gives parents the opportunity to present their child to the church and ask for a special blessing.  This could be slightly compared to a ‘first communion’.  The blessing started as a regular presentation, until Pastor Homero Salazar, who was leading the event, sang ‘Oracion de Un Padre/A Father’s Prayer’ by Elfred Deynes.  It was so powerful that it brought Sammy’s parents and most of the congregation to tears.

The song narrates a father’s gratitude towards God for having been given the gift of being a husband and now a father.  Make sure you listen to 6th song of the album … so powerful!

Anyways, here’s a teaser!

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Musically Talented

Hello again!  Don’t think we’ve been dormant on this side of town.  Things have been quite busy, yet fun!  We’ve had quite a few engagements to attend and have managed to capture tons of pictures.

We recently purchased a portable studio and have been enjoying ourselves ‘shooting’ away …  With that said let’s get to today’s topic: ‘Musically Talented’.  The musician displayed below is not only passionate about life, but also music, who knew!  I had heard from Dave about his friend, let’s call him Ed, and how he plays in bands every so often.  Well, it wasn’t until Dave got back from this session and showed me the pictures that I realized how serious Ed really is about his music. 

Check out the serious drums!!!  Also, if you are interested in buying these (Ed is upgrading his equipment) let us know and we can let him know about your interest.  Dave said ‘Ed’ was rocking it during the photo shoot and that he was “really good” … Can’t wait to ‘hear’ from you Ed. 🙂

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Vienna Stars – Investiture

The Vienna SDA Pathfinder Investiture took place a couple of weeks ago.  What are Pathfinders you ask?  Wikipedia provides a great definition:

“The Pathfinder Club is a worldwide program organized and directed by the Youth Department of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It offers a wide range of learning experiences for young people 10 to 15 years of age (and older) and is operated by the international Seventh-day Adventist church under the direction and control of the local conference youth director.”

The event celebrates everyone’s graduation from one class to another.  Team leaders summarized what took place throughout the year; and some of the kids were quizzed in front of the entire audience.  I am pleased to say they all answered their questions!!!  So impressive!

Their dedication signifies commitment from our youth, as well as their parents.  Witnessing this level of family commitment towards each other and their community reassured me of a better future for our youth.  Congratulations Vienna Stars, and parents, and may God continue to bless your ministry.

Here are some of the pictures captured during the event.  Enjoy!

P.S> Let us know if you wish to see the rest of the pictures for this event.

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Engagement – Myriam and Marlon

We had the pleasure of capturing this lovely couple’s love for each other.  Want to hear a good story?  It was love at first sight, for him.  So this is how it took place, ready? Here it goes! Dave showed Marlon a picture of the bridesmaids while they tried on dresses – no worries, everyone was fully dressed.  Yes, she was one of our bridesmaids and, you guessed it, he was one of our groomsmen – cute huh?  He liked her instantly, but did not meet her until our wedding day.  She took his breath away and the rest, as they say, is history …

Awww, how we love, love, love, love stories!  But it gets even better though … They will be joining their lives together soon and we are honored to be their maid of honor and best man.  Love is in the air!  May God continue to bless one of our favorite couples.

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Birthday Party Extravaganza!

Welcome to our first blog!  If you didn’t know already, the Dave Levien Photography website (http://www.davelevien.com/) is up and running!  We are quite proud of this accomplishment.  It’s taken us quite a bit of time and effort to get things flowing so we hope you enjoy the images as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Let’s see, where should we begin!  We recently went to a birthday celebration and had the chance to take a few candid shots (amongst other things) of the birthday girls and a few of their friends.  We love these ladies!  Not only because they are fun to around but also because zero to minor editing was necessary for these pictures.  They are so photogenic it was definitely contagious!  They were born to be in front of the camera.  Their outside beauty though, does not even begin to describe how cool they really are on the inside.

We celebrated Arlene’s and Paola’s birthday at Caribbean Breeze – may we recommend the virgin passion fruit daquiri! Delish!

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