Engagement – Myriam and Marlon

We had the pleasure of capturing this lovely couple’s love for each other.  Want to hear a good story?  It was love at first sight, for him.  So this is how it took place, ready? Here it goes! Dave showed Marlon a picture of the bridesmaids while they tried on dresses – no worries, everyone was fully dressed.  Yes, she was one of our bridesmaids and, you guessed it, he was one of our groomsmen – cute huh?  He liked her instantly, but did not meet her until our wedding day.  She took his breath away and the rest, as they say, is history …

Awww, how we love, love, love, love stories!  But it gets even better though … They will be joining their lives together soon and we are honored to be their maid of honor and best man.  Love is in the air!  May God continue to bless one of our favorite couples.

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About Dave Levien Photography

We are a husband and wife team who love to capture new images and lasting memories together.
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