Babies are a blessing!

We had the pleasure of attending one of our favorite baby’s blessing.  He is by far one of our favorites because he is just full of cuteness.  Sammy is his name and he is fun to be around.

Sammy is a 3 month old who doesn’t fuzz unless he really needs something from his parents.  He is also fascinated with the camera – once Dave starts shooting he follows him everywhere and doesn’t even blink.  He is full of fun and made the shoot nothing but a great joy.

A baby blessing in the Seventh Day Adventist church gives parents the opportunity to present their child to the church and ask for a special blessing.  This could be slightly compared to a ‘first communion’.  The blessing started as a regular presentation, until Pastor Homero Salazar, who was leading the event, sang ‘Oracion de Un Padre/A Father’s Prayer’ by Elfred Deynes.  It was so powerful that it brought Sammy’s parents and most of the congregation to tears.

The song narrates a father’s gratitude towards God for having been given the gift of being a husband and now a father.  Make sure you listen to 6th song of the album … so powerful!

Anyways, here’s a teaser!

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