The baby of the house

We have been working extensively on building a ‘mini portfolio’ for our 2-year-old niece (thus the word, mini :)).  It has been so much fun.  I must emphasize, however, how exhausted we were after the first session because … well quite frankly, she’s quite a handful!  Her ability to move like the energizer bunny pumps energy into our bodies and we, as a result, feel younger than most days.  We absolutely LOVE hanging out with kids.  It has become one of our favorite past times . . . Yupi!

She is the youngest of the kids in our family – there’s currently three.  Cute as a button and quite lovable.  She was loved from the moment she was born and that love keeps growing as we continue to watch her grow in wisdom and beauty.

Without further due … we’d like to introduce you to, the baby of the house 🙂

P.S>  We will soon introduce the rest of the kids.

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About Dave Levien Photography

We are a husband and wife team who love to capture new images and lasting memories together.
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