Rain, Rain, Go Away … Cherry Blossom Viewing 2012

The Washington, D.C. metropolitan area was blessed with a mild winter this year.  Don’t get me wrong though, it got cold at times (can you say brrrr!) … Old man winter, however, is almost gone and we are welcoming the new girl in town (yes, girl) … Spring!

Oh how I love thee … I not only cherish its coolness and warmth, I welcome the change in scenery.  The blossoming flowers and how each tree gets to wear a new outfit (leaves :)), is enough to take our breath away…  I was specially excited this year because I was, as usual, looking forward to seeing the cherry blossoms.  My excitement soon turned into a great disappointment when officials began to announce their arrival, sooner than expected.  You see, my bestie is scheduled to fly in to visit the blossoms on Easter weekend.  We carefully picked the date and planned ahead of time, just to make sure she, nor I, would miss this spectacular event.  My horror turned into my worst nightmare … she missed the cherry blossoms extraordinaire.  How disappointing!

I tried to make the best of it all and scheduled our viewing for the March 24 … Made a few calls (friends and family members) and got everyone on board to tag along with us.  Then the inevitable happened … RAIN! We couldn’t visit on the 24th because it rained that Saturday … Sunday’s forecast was gloomy as well …

Sunday came along and it was as gloomy as predicted.  I decided to remain positive and said that I would jump in the car and head downtown the minute I saw a tad bit of sunshine … and … wouldn’t you know it? Voila!  The sun showed signs of life!  I told Dave, “hurry hon, get in the car”, called a friend and together we embarked in an adventure I will title “Rain, Rain, Go Away” …

Saturday’s rain knocked most of the florets from the trees, however I was still in awe of what I was surrounded by.  The beautiful and colorful tones being brought to us my the new girl in town … yes, Spring!  So, behold are a few of the shots we were able to capture … will share more soon.  Don’t you just love the colors? …


About Dave Levien Photography

We are a husband and wife team who love to capture new images and lasting memories together.
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