My father introduced me to photography when I was six years old.  I share his passion, love and creativity for the art of capturing a moment in time, a memorable place, or the beauty in a face

This used to be a dream of mine, but is now a reality.

I got started when I bought my first camera in 1999. It was a Nikon N70, purchased when I resided in NYC.  While out and about in the City, I was approached by a lady inquiring if I was a photographer.

Apprehensively, I told her “No, not really.” She gave me her business card, and insisted that I call her to set an appointment, which I eventually did.  The session went well, and the pictures turned out great. She was impressed, and encouraged me to pursue this dream of mine.  I used my commission from the photoshoot to order my first business cards.

It’s been 12 years, and during that time, I’ve shot weddings, engagements, portraits, etc.  I’ve even had the opportunity to capture a vision of the Twin Towers before they were destroyed in the 9/11 attacks.

Through the lense of a camera, folks see a smile.

Through the lense of my camera, I see not just a smile, but the light around the face, the colors in the background, the angles, the blend of images that will enhance the picture, while capturing the emotions beneath that smile!

Dave Levien


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